Thursday, February 7, 2019

Régis Renouard Larivière
"Futaie / Tchernoziom"

CD, INA-GRM, 2000

Download 40MB



chrisbusker said...

Hi - I found your blogspot yesterday and followed it to the Creel Pone archive - WOW, MAN! - 'effing staggering work! I've downloaded a lot already and going back for more - thank you so much for making this available. Have you any plans to fill in the gaps/expand to later CP releases?

the static fanatic said...

So long as the titles aren't being properly reissued by other labels, I will attempt to keep them available. With the newer titles, I allow more time before posting them so that the micro editions can be sold without having them posted at the same time.

Vaykorus said...