Friday, March 6, 2015

Various Artists
"Highlights Of Vortex'

LP, Folkways, 1959

"This record functions as the 1959 avant-garde score for Vortex, 
a music/film production shown in the Morrison Planetarium in 
San Francisco. One of the first multimedia events of its kind, 
performance includes tracks that were constructed for playback 
on a 38 speaker system by several different musicians/engineers. 
According to the Center of Visual Music, the performance created a
"type of immersion environment [that] had never been created before".

Download 76MB



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the static fanatic said...
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the saucer people said...

Judging from the above, this Vortex is so powerful, it even swallows up comments!

First and last tracks are just astounding, especially given the fact this is 1959 - both have a very contemporary feel about them - I guess it's yet another example of the future catching up with the p...a...s....t....