Thursday, December 25, 2014

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"Electronic Music"

LP, Turnabout, 1966

Excellent mid 60's LP collection of truly out electronic 
pieces by Andres Lewin-Richter, Ilhan Mimaroglu, Tzvi 
Avni, and Walter Carlos. Thanks to the Anti-Gravity Bunny
blog whose old version I snagged this release from in 2009.

Download 69MB


A notable fan of this record...



Jim Canto said...

This is a must have for me. It was the first electronic music I ever listened to and I'd love a copy for my historical records...and my listening pleasure. ;-)

Unfortunately, the download link you provided would not perform for me.

I'm @jimcanto on Twitter. Or, jim(at)jimcanto(dot)com

the static fanatic said...

the static fanatic said...

Unfortunately, my fathers dog eared copy of Switched On Bach was my first exposure to purely electronic *sounding* music - which I did enjoy at the time, very much so, admittedly... but I can only imagine the impression a record like "Electronic Music" would have had on me if it had taken the place of the famous Bach cover album in my fathers LP collection.