Saturday, December 20, 2014

Rune Lindblad ‎

LP, Proprius, 1975

Lindblad was a Swedish visual artist and an avant garde composer 
whose involvement with the first public performance of musique concrete 
in Sweden in 1957 lead to demands for refunds by the audience, and the 
infamous review of the concert being "pure torture" by critics. This LP 
was oddly released by a mostly religious oriented label, which might 
explain the title and confusing cover art ("modern" music was a bit of a 
trend by this point, so it's little wonder even the church set were attempting 
to make some money from it... one can only wonder what the regular 
audience of this labels releases thought when they first heard it, though...). 
This release is comprised solely of minimal synthesizer workouts ranging
between stripped back Kosmisch squelch fests and icy drone pieces, most
of which would sound perfectly at home on a diy nu new age cassette 
release of the past 10 years, or so. Thanks to the mighty and sorely missed  
Mutant Sounds blog where this was found several years ago.

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