Monday, December 22, 2014

Kenneth Gaburo ‎
"Lingua II: Maledetto"

LP, CRI, 1974

Kenneth Gaburo (1926-1993) was an American composer best known
as a champion of compositional linguistics. His works focused primarily
on the voice and the musical qualities found in language. He established 
a publishing company called Lingua Press that centered on language and 
music in which he, amongst other things, experimented with electronic
music as a means to produce a more specific universal language. With
"Lingua II: Maledetto", his use of layered, non-processed voice sought
to do just that - having released treated vocal experiments previously,
this work rethinks and presents the voice in terms of its physiological 
impact, acoustical qualities, and structural linguistical (words as sound) 
meaning, the results being somewhat akin to non-treated Tape Music.

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