Monday, September 29, 2014

"Mobile Research Music"

File, Control Valve, 2014

“Mobile music has come into its own being. Technology has finally caught up with the ideas people are having about the potential of mobile music and mobile devices. From the first Ipod Touch I bought, I saw the potential to create experimental music that would encompass my interests in improvisation, immediatism and harsh noise plus much more. I’ve probably spent more time making sounds on my phone than I have on all the analog gear I still own. The fact I can be anywhere at any time and be able to make sounds that are expressive, interesting and challenging makes me extremely happy. No longer do I have to set time aside to set up gear, get everything set up to record. I have all that at my figure tips. This release has been years in the making. Not literally. But I have spent years finding the right apps, making sense of what I can do with that and narrowing down the scope of it all. All tracks within this release are improvised. They are immediate responses to the creative need at that time, whether it was recorded on my couch, in bed, or at work. They encompass all the artistic parameters I set for myself. I hope you enjoy that as much as I do. I feel that at this point in history the analog/digital argument shouldn’t need to exist and I hope this will help people understand its all fair game.” -Matt Taggert/PCRV

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