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Saturday, October 21, 2017

Amazing sub-underground resource


"The purpose of this blog is to collect, all in one place, a listing of Bandcamp pages run by (in my opinion) the most interesting independent producers of “experimental” music around the world… that includes ambient music, drones, harsh noise, industrial, free improvisation, synth/punk, sound art, vaporwave, and anything else that I like and want to remember. I started Noisy Bandcamp simply as a resource for my own use, and also to indulge my compulsion to catalog and organize information. Hopefully, someone out there in internetland finds it useful also.

If you enjoy using Noisy Bandcamp, that means you like to support artists by buying music directly (well, nearly so…. directly as mediated by Bandcamp) from them. Reach out to the people whose work you enjoy and tell them what you think. 

Artists and independent labels like to know that people are listening.
Use the Contact page to submit pages for consideration to be included here. Links are updated and added irregularly."