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Wednesday, November 9, 2016

François Bayle ‎
"L'oiseau Chanteur"

LP, Prospective 21e Siecle, 1971

Download 49MB



rev.b said...

Can't seem to get this one to download

gog magog said...

i love your blog. Ive been following since...maybe 2008? its been forever as far as i can remember, as long as ive been on blogspot, at least. I have so much music in my life thanks to you and your blog. we share the same tastes on many levels.

so please do not take this as criticism when i say; doesnt work. Im guessing its their servers, but the service drops out all the time. if i can even get a download to start it usually drops out before finishing, or if it is able to complete it takes forever and throws my other downloads off. maybe the premium service works better but im unwilling to take the risk seeing as their free service is so frustrating.

just letting you know.

gog magog said...

and id love to hear this particular disk (I'm digging the more vintage turn youve been taking as of late) but filecloud has different ideas. i hope it doesnt just get lost in the cascade of my newsfeed.

that is all.

gog magog said...

got it here