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Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Giuseppe Morrocchi
"Aaffluss / Raaffluss"

CDr, Creel Pone, 2011

Download 95MB


1 comment:

the saucer people said...

Many thanks for this - anything with the Creel Pone stamp of approval (and reissue) is worth a listen and though I was slightly surprised to see the release dare of 1988 for the original album as the Creel Pone sticker goes from the 1950s to 1984, but I discovered that the first track Aaffluss was recorded in 1980 and the second track Raaffluss in 1984.

You can get some nice scans of the original album here:

if you right click on each of the four small thumbnails and open in a new tab, you get the full size JPEGs to download.

Found some useful background info on Giuseppe Morrocchi on his website:

While I am more personally into the electronic side of things, there is definitely something about these two tracks, especially once the tape manipulation kicks in.

Thanks again, beautiful quality rip.