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Friday, April 19, 2013

Michael Northam ‎
"Neti Neti"

File, Compost & Height, 2008

Download 24MB



St. Anthony said...

Love this, and totally new to me. Have to say this is one of the best sites on the net.

Would it be possible to repost the Wasteland Jazz Unit stuff? And the Frode Gjerstad material too?

St. Anthony said...

Cheers and apologies in equal measure - have just seen that the Wasteland Jazz stuff is up again. Fools rush in and all that - you are a gentleman, sir.

the static fanatic said...

You're too kind. Since you are new to the blog, I feel inclined to catch you up to speed on a few things that have affected the useability of the SF over the past 15 months... after the digi-storage locker MegaUpload was taken down by the Feds, all storage sites began issuing a swath of new copy infringement notices in an attempt to put on a good face for The Man. The service I used at the time, Mediafire, had me quite busy refuting both copyright and "adult content" notices (ie: anything with a curse word or sexual term was removed - which, oddly enough, included a 3'' from a project of my own entitled "Hot Dick"). Eventually my good standing with Mediafire lapsed, and I was out 1.5k blog posted files, as well as many hundreds of my own private files. After trying out several replacement storage sites, I went with - the problem with reuploading 4+ years of daily posts became immediately apparent, so I have simply collected all of the files in folders according to their post dates which can be accessed via yearly links in the blog header, starting with clicking on the link for the year, then the link for the month of the post. Easy enough, right? Well, not to scare you away... but... the servers at have a tendency for dying (as it has been communicated to me) so uploaded files will disappear on occasion, which is why requesting reuploads in the comments section is encouraged. It's a flawed system for approaching blogging, I admit, but in a way it ensures only those willing to invest a modicum of effort into snagging a release will actually do so (at least imho).

Thanks again and let me know if there is any thing I can help you with.